Sofa Cum Beds

Great Range of Sofa Cum Beds 3 Fold and 2 Fold Diwan Cum beds Fully Customizable as per your Requirements. We at Veneza can Make Sofa cum bed  designs of your choice for you, with your design , size  and choice of color!

Our Sofa-Cum-Beds are perfect for the cozy urban home. With several models on display across our showrooms, we offer customization options of over 100 fabrics options,size, and 7 polish shade options. We can also provide you with matching Sofa Chairs if you like. Need a spare bed but don’t have a spare room? Choose from our wooden or fully
upholstered Sofa Cum Bed models, all of which come with storage. Our goal is to give you a fully customized Sofa Cum Bed to suit your home.

Not only are sofa cum beds space saving but they also prove to be a budget friendly replacement of the proverbial couch. Given that they’re fashionable it’s almost certain that they’re good looking. Incorporating a large piece of furniture in the living room makes it a very important part; therefore, not just the comfort, – the appearance is as important. Sleeper sofa or a leather lounger could be the best option for styling your space without compromising on the style factor or elegance of the interiors. It’s like buying a sofa and a guest bed in the same package and what’s more stylish sofa beds complement almost all types of living spaces.

Advantages of having a sofa cum bed

  • It serves two purposes- for people to sleep and sit.
  • During the day, it can be kept as a sofa, and at night you only need to pull to open and transform it into a bed
  • The basic structure of a sofa bed allows it to blend perfectly with your interiors.
  • Sofa cum beds can be purchased in different styles, shapes and sizes.
  • It makes it easier for you to look after overnight guests
  • Sofa cum beds come in a variety of fabrics, colours and upholstery to suit all types of home decors