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VENEZA is one of the leading manufacturers of modular kitchen in Kolkata. . You, dear customer, are the people who have made this possible. Your faith on us, inspires and backs our chase for quality services of the highest standards. At Veneza, Our Kitchens are made systematically understanding your needs and aspirations, and they are made making scientific principles in mind , so they look good, last a lifetime and provide convenience of use of use for a lifetime.


There was a time when the concept of Modular Kitchen was considered a luxury. Today, we realise that its not a fad anymore, most importantly it goes a long way in improving our quality of life. A kitchen done up scientifically makes it a joy to use , and improves our quality of life and food!. Our modular kitchens are manufactured using highest quality material , so your investment works well for a very long time.


Here is a small Modular Kitchen Guide to help you on your way

If you love to cook, or have taken up cooking as your profession, your working space will need a lot of tools – cookware, appliances, bakeware and gadgets. You must have everything ready and in place before setting off to the battle. Well, this is the very concept of ‘modular.’ However, it can be a daunting task if your kitchen is not spacious enough. Thus, if you have a space crunch in your cooking area, the plan must begin with some smart shopping. You must strategise your storage options cleverly so as not to waste space. To ease the crease on your forehead, here is a list of things you should keep in your kitchen and things you shouldn’t:


Tip #1: Basic Material used to construct the structure of Kitchen:

Though we have adopted good modern ideas for construction of convenient Kitchens from Europeans and Americans , which is a good thing , but there is an important factor to take care of , which is the Underlying material used for Kitchen construction.

Indians use more water in the cooking as compared to Europeans, the material used for construction therefore should be resistant to water , and should not deteriorate due to long exposure to water. Though Particle board and MDF are used is Kitchen construction , it is not recommended.

Indians buy kitchens for the long term, so the material to be used ideally should be waterproof ply, laminated with a good quality of sunmica, accessories should be of stainless steel , which are easy to maintain and easy to clean, you can check out some more ideas about modular kitchen Here

Tip #2: quality of cookware:


Your shopping should begin with the purchase of a basic range of quality cookware. Remember, these things are at the highest risk of daily wear and tear. If they are not durable, you will have to buy them again and again. In general, you must have ten to fifteen pieces of such products. Your set should unfailingly include a frying pan, a wok, a saucepan, a pressure cooker, and the lids of the respective. You must also find a proper place to store them. Try installing appropriate cabinets, pullouts, racks, carts, and rolling drawers.


Tip #3: Store utensils for all occasions:


If you have a home, you will surely have guests. Thus, you will need a set of formal fine china dinnerware. However, these are not regularly used and take up space unnecessarily. So, you must opt for something which can be of everyday use, deck up your dining table, and last for years. Of course, if you are desperate about fine china, you can always arrange for additional storage facilities.


Tip #4: If you are buying appliances, focus on quality more than price:


It’s a blessing to enjoy a huge discount on kitchen appliances. But, sometimes, even the cheapest rate may fail to be worth an investment. It is wise to remember that because this is a modern world you are living in, these appliances will be used very frequently. So, it is better to be more conscious about quality than cost. This does not mean you should pick the products that are top of the line. But, please purchase appliances that are durable. Anything less will leave you in the hot waters of having to replace them time and again.


The VENEZA Modular Kitchen Advantage:


When you choose a modular kitchen in Kolkata at Veneza, you can enjoy –

  • CUSTOMISED solutions that comply with your requirement
  • Focus on customer satisfaction.
  • A plethora of options to choose from
  • Efficacious management of space
  • Priority for the value for money
  • Commitment to quality without cutting corners
  • A youthful and dynamic team.
  • Honesty and transparency in the way of working.


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