Sofa Care

  1.  Does Veneza re-upholster furniture?

    No we do not. Here's why: you'll find that it often costs more to re-upholster old furniture than to buy new products. Browse our online showroom or visit our store to view our exciting selection.

  2.  My fabric is pilling. Is this normal? What can I do?

    Pilling is normal and maintained easily by using a fabric shaver. This controls the pilling until the fabric stops shedding. Fabric shavers can be purchased at most department stores.

  3.  How often should I flip or rotate my cushions?

    Loose cushions and pillows should be flipped, rotated and fluffed on a weekly basis to keep the filling evenly distributed and to allow for even wear.

  4.  I have pets in the home, what kind of sofa should I buy, leather or fabric?

    Good question, a difficult question to answer no less. The most durable fabrics on the market today are the micro-fiber fabrics in a dark leather-looking color. They are nearly impossible to stain and they stand up to claws and chewing better than anything in my opinion. With that being said, nothing can be warrentied to prevent animal damage. We love them, but sometimes dogs will be dogs. Leather is the next best option, although be sure to keep your pets claws clipped regularly in order to prevent them from scratching leather or puncturing fabrics.

  5.  What is the difference between a sofa that is Rs.42000 and a sofa that is Rs.25000?

    There are quite a few things. At a glance it can be difficult. Initially, you should identify quality of the seat springs. If the salesperson can't tell you about them, they don't know their product. Quality sofas use an 8-way hand tied coil or a machine drop in coil spring unit like a Clayton Marcus or a Justice brand sofa. Flexsteel uses a patented blue steel seat that is unique to their company. It can help the overall "ride" of the sofa and has proven to be another fantastic way to make a sofa. Inexpensive sofas use a sinous wire or a "zigger" spring. There are different kinds of sinious wires as well. Some have a thicker wire or some companies use a greater number of them and fasten them together. Not all "zigger" spring coutches are bad. Some brands still construct some of their sofas using a heavy sinous wire seat.. The problem is with the brands that cut corners and reduce the number of zigger springs which can lead . Another area that cheap companies cut corners is on the material they use on their frames. Without significant corner blocking and dowel joints a sofas frame will twist or "rack" over time. The tailoring of the fabric on the less expensive sofa also tends to be not as neat. To sum up, the difference won't always be seen right away, but within the first year or two of use, the cushions will break down and the sofa will look like a beat up catcher's mit, and you'll have to spend that Rs. 250000 all over again. Nowadays, you can spend Rs. 42000 and buy yourself a sofa that should last 5-10 years and still look great.

  6.  How can I care for my leather furniture so it doesn't get dry or cracked after time?

    First, I would reccomend a Leather care kit , which we sell at Veneza. It provides products like leather cleaner and moisturiser that you should apply every few months, just like you would polish a nice pair of shoes. The back and the side panels are not as important, so concentrate on the headrest, arms and seat area.

  7.  If I spill something and stain my sofa, what should I do?

    The first thing you need to know about your sofa is what to clean it with. Your salesperson should inform you at the time of purchase whether to clean it with a water based cleaner or a solvent based cleaner. Usually the fabrics that require a solvent based cleaner are decorative stripes or other formal covers. You should then use the cleaner and let it dry. Some people use tricks like using club soda and salt, but I can't personally testify to any of those kinds of home remedies.

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Old Furniture Disposal

  1.  Will you remove my old furniture?

    We will remove your existing mattress and foundation for sleep set purchases only.

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  1.  My reclining chair is difficult to operate. What can I do?

    First, flip the chair on its back to see if the mechanism is tied with the shipping strap. If so, remove the strap. Reclining mechanisms work on gravity. If you are sitting either too far forward or too far back in the seat, it will not operate properly.

  2.  I still like my old recliner and It fits me perfect. Why do I need another one?

    Its like a pair of old shoes that you can't get rid of. You think they are comfortable and that they still look great until you try on a new pair and and see just how worn down they really are. Also, a new recliner will have much better support for your lower back. I know you and your sofa or recliner have had some great times together, but please, its time to move on and get rid of it. Or better yet, we will haul it away for free and donate it to charity.

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Wood Furniture Care

  1.  What do you recommend to clean and polish wood furniture?

    Apply a quality polish 3-4 times per year. Dust with a clean cloth periodically, as needed. See Wood Care for more details.

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Floor Care

  1.  How can I prevent scratching of my hardwood floors?

    No matter how durable a finish you have on your wood floors, they are not impervious to damage. The best way to protect your wood floors is to affix felt discs to the feet of all furniture in the room. These discs are available at most hardware stores.

  2.  How can I protect my wood furniture from the wear and tear of normal household items?

    Items such as the feet on computers, calculators and alarm clocks can damage your into furniture's finish. Chemical components in rubber, plastic and nylon can migrate into the finish, causing softening, indentations and discoloration. To protect your furniture, apply felt discs to the feet or contact points.

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Bedroom Sets

  1.  Is imported Chinese bedroom and dining room furniture made worse than American, German or Italian furniture?

    Just like American made furniture, there are some really high quality imports and there are some really bad ones. On the positive side, some of the very nice Italian and German companies importing bedroom and dining room furniture keep good quality controls on their respective factories. They have the same people that oversaw their facilities in Italy , Germany , Virginia , Mississippi , and North Carolina , in China , Vietnam and Malaysia . American companies are stepping their game up by offering customized finishes on their solid wood products and offering very high style products at great values.

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